4 months to live?

As I’m sure EVERYONE knows by now, Wizard World Philadelphia is having a ridiculously Marvel-filled line up in June.


Yeah. That’s happening. It’s real.

I’m Hiddles-trash. I’m not going to deny it. I utterly adore him and when I found out he was appearing, I almost lost it.

I found out about this line-up before it was officially announced. An online magazine for the Philadelphia area had an article about it the morning of the announcement. I waited patiently for the guests to be added to the website so I could act quickly and snag my badge.

Shortly past noon, all of the Captain America stars go live with their various VIP packages. A little bit later, Chris Hemsworth goes live. At this point, I am starting to panic. Did that article lie? WHERE IS TOM!? Truthfully, I was getting a little angry.


At Barb’s suggestion, I emailed the author of the article a nice professional note, asking if he happened to have any more information regarding Tom’s appearance. I honestly didn’t expect any results.

I was extremely surprised when he responded within a few minutes! I explained that I was a really big fan but concerned since all of the other Marvel guests he had written about were on the website but not Tom. He promised to make a few calls and get back to me. About 15 minutes later, he replied to let me know that Tom WAS confirmed and should be on the Wizard World website by 4 PM EST. VICTORY WAS MINE!


As I waited for the VIP packages to go on sale, Barb and I worked on getting our hotel situation sorted out. At one point, we had 3 different rooms booked as we gathered final counts on who was planning on attending and rooming with us. We ended up with a suite at the Home2 Suites, right across from the convention center! There will be 6 or 7 of us total, including some friends from England like Katy and Britt!

With the hotel sorted out, I began to click around the website. I stumbled across links for two VIP packages that had Tom included but were password protected. I kept refreshing the Ticket Leap page to see if he had been added there since it usually went there before the Wizard World page itself.

Finally, FINALLY at 2:08 PM on Tuesday, March 1st I, Deidre Renee, purchased the greatest thing I’ve ever dropped money on. I was the proud recipient of a Tom Hiddleston VIP badge.



There was some sobbing mixed with some maniacal cackling as the purchase was completed. After I came down from the adrenaline rush, I discovered that individual photo ops or autographs were not going to be available to those without the VIP badge and congratulated myself on a smart decision not to wait until my bonus in April to buy my badge.

My choice not to hesitate in purchasing a badge became even clearer yesterday morning when Tom HIddleston VIP badges sold out. Less than 24 hours and many a fangirl’s heart has now been broken.

I’m honestly not sure if I will survive the encounter with Tom. I’m usually on the chill side when it comes to meeting celebrities but this is TOM. TOM HIDDLESTON.


If I die, Barb, you can have my stuff.


PS. Wizard World is a participating retailer at ebates! Sign up here and get cash back on your badge purchase!

I’ll Be Watching You

Let’s start with a little mood music for this post:

Alright, now that we’ve set the mood, let’s discuss the package that arrived at my house on Friday,

2016-02-26 17.41.56

Pretty normal looking, yeah? Except I wasn’t expecting a package. And the return address was from an unknown name in New York. Trusting our postal service to have done their job and screened the package thoroughly, I went ahead and sliced it open.

This greeted me:

2016-02-26 17.42.03

2016-02-26 19.49.15

2016-02-26 19.48.54

Uhhhhhhhh, what? I gingerly lifted it out, discovering that it was a real wooden box. At least the craftsmanship was high quality. There was no lock so I popped open the lid.

2016-02-26 19.49.26

That’s not creepy at all! (Please note excessive use of sarcasm with that statement.) Let’s take a look at everything that was in the box.

2016-02-26 17.43.02 2016-02-26 19.49.36 2016-02-26 19.49.48 2016-02-26 19.50.05

This note is hand-written, which ups the spook factor extraordinarily.2016-02-26 19.50.29

This picture has never been my profile picture on any social media platform. Whoever put this box together went onto one of my profiles and selected this photo. O.o

2016-02-26 19.50.16

I’m not completely sure how A&E got my mailing address. They did recently have a social media campaign where you could “put” the Bates Motel sign in front of your house on Google Maps but I used my childhood address for that. All in all, this is some brilliant marketing and I was absolutely thrilled with it! It was a fun and spooky start to my weekend.

The Family You Choose

The past two weeks have been crazy. I filed for divorce and my ex finally moved out of my apartment. This was a split long in the making and I couldn’t be happier. I have been working slowly but surely on getting my apartment deep cleaned and redecorated and I’m so proud. I also managed to dig myself out of Winter Storm Jonas by myself! We had 3 feet of snow where I live and I took care of it on my own.


I got to thinking today about the path I took to get me to this point. I honestly believe it started with GISHWHES 2012. That was the first year for me and I signed up to be placed on a random team. I ended up being put on a team with some Italians and some ladies who would end up becoming my family, my Team Pulp. That first year brought Barb, Amanda and Melinda into my life. Barb and I quickly discovered we lived in the same state and it all began.

The very next year, Barb, Manda, Mel and myself decided to have our own GISHWHES team and not have to deal with random people and stupid automated team names. I recruited my friend Mellissa, while Barb scouted Anne, Katy, Jamie and Ryn from Twitter. Katy brought Brittany, who brought Jo who had Caitlin tag along. Once the team was formed, we had members from across the US, England and Australia. We picked out the name Pulp Epidemic and the rest was history.


Team Pulp has picked up honorary members along the way, but these original ladies have been an immense source of strength and inspiration to me. They have helped me realize my own worth and given me unconditional love every step of the way. Team Pulp is the family I chose and I am thankful for them every day. Our Facebook group is always active as we check in with each other, share stupid jokes and plan trips to see each other. We’ve gone to San Diego Comic Con together. The Australians visited America. Barb’s gone to London to see Katy and Britt. Katy’s been to the US too many times to count. Some of us even have matching tattoos. We have 3 Team Pulp weddings to celebrate this year with Jo, Jamie and Caitlin all getting married!  I’m not gonna lie; I’m excited for the first Team Pulp baby! We’ve also supported each other through deaths in the family, health scares and the end of relationships. These women are beautiful, luminous blessings in my life and I want nothing but the best in the world for them.